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Notes on Application of Fishing Tackle

Date: Mar. 28, 2015 11:31

Note: use of fishing gear fishing before use must be carefully examined in the fishing process; must regularly check; best fish out of the water bottom, crabs and could not climb; dead fish or fish do not seriously injured in nursing, found dead fish, dead fish must be immediately removed, or most likely to attract the crab fishing usually; using fish protection, must pay attention to maintenance, after drying in the package, do not be careless, used for many years and have determined to replace aging. After all, the fish is your harvest is the most important guarantee. Carp bubble large and dense, continuous, like boiling water like a bubble, a large number of bubbles, about dozens of, the area is larger, the greater the individual fish. Only one or two carp bubble, bubble the greater the individual, the individual is more big carp. Grass Carp bubbles is a single large bubble is a bubble or interrupted, no wind, the formation of bubbles floating in water, the larger the bubble Grass Carp individuals more. The bubble is small and dense, size, position in a herring will continue to rise to the surface of the water bubble. After the general position of fish is the advanced position, after the fish into the nest. The fish into the nest, fish is generally to avoid, especially the big fish into the nest, fish will be out of the water, scattered. The fish into the nest of the most obvious feature is: the original continuous fish bite suddenly stopped, quietly, at this time, as long as the judge feed viscosity and hardness is no problem, don't busy watching the hook bait, prevent surprised go fish. According to the type of judgment of fish, the corresponding countermeasures, active attack, grasp the opportunity, do have a definite object in view, there will be a good harvest! Observation of water movement of fish, especially fish into the nest, Grass Carp, because of its food, aquatic plants (reed, Pu Cao was shaking, shaking) according to the magnitude and intensity, can determine the size of the fish.




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