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The Baits and Fishing Tackles in Spring

Date: Mar. 28, 2015 11:35

Rod: rod, hook, line and small soft. Spring fishing pole pole should be used, soft 5.4-6.3 meters long as well.
Fishing site selection:
1, spring, fishing to catch fish in the shallow water, the shore, beach, grass to.
2, choose to live in water, living water to bring food and fresh oxygen, fish love in the water, fishing should be selected in the living water, the effects of fishing on both sides of the flow inlet, water.
3, from the grass, fish habitat, often in the grass for food, fish selection under the grass, grass, will be able to have a good harvest.
Weather options:
South: spring, East, Southeast, southwest wind is good fishing, West, northwest wind should not be fishing, fishing in the spring should choose the southerly sunny weather, rain or sunny, and scraping one or two south, it is a good time for spring fishing.
Fish bait of choice:
Dirty bait fish as the main recommendation, after the long winter break repose, sunshine, the temperature rose, the belly empty, urgent need to fill the empty stomach, fish need vegetarian, which does not grow, so, generally omnivorous fish, are looking for meat, some with insects, worms, shrimps, other meat bait fishing, not fish.




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