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Weihai is Awarded the “City of Fishing Tackle” and the Municipal Leaders Receive the Medal

Date: Mar.28, 2015 11:30

Weihai News Network (reporter car ting), fishing tackle industry in my years of unremitting efforts finally bear fruit: Weihai is Chinese Light Industry Federation and the Chinese stationery and Sporting Goods Association awarded the "Chinese tackle the title of". Yesterday, "Chinese fishing tackle of all" award ceremony was held at the Weihaiwei Hotel Weihai, China Light Industry Federation President Bu Zhengfa, honorary president of Pan Beilei of Weihai City Award, city leaders Sun Shutao, Dong Jinyou brand. Dong Jinyou gave nameboards ceremony speech.
The city is the country's largest production base of fishing tackle, fishing tackle industry cluster has been identified as one of the ten major industrial clusters of small and medium enterprises in the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period focused on cultivating. At present, the city has more than 1200 fishing tackle manufacturing and supporting enterprises, annual production of more than 40000000, the annual export volume reached US $300000000, leading products, fishing rod accounted for over 60% of global market share, production of all kinds of fishing products and production capacity ranks first in the country, has formed a relatively complete industrial chain, scale effect is obvious, the construction specialized division of labor of industry cluster.
In order to speed up the convergence with the world leisure industry, and guide our fishing industry to accelerate the transfer and adjustment of structure, to build Weihai international influence of fishing production and gathering base, the city to Chinese Light Industry Federation and the Chinese stationery and Sporting Goods Association named Weihai as "China fishing tackle of all" application. In 2011 July, China stationery and sporting goods association to visit the city the development of fishing industry cluster, and the establishment of Chinese fishing base, to create "Chinese fishing tackle of all" and other related matters and I carried out docking. After two rounds of investigation and expert evaluation group evaluation, in December 12, 2011, Chinese Light Industry Association officially awarded the "Weihai city Chinese tackle the title of".
Dong Jinyou said in his speech, the China Light Industry Federation and the Chinese stationery and Sporting Goods Association awarded the city "China tackle the title of", to further enhance the image of Weihai, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, to better explore the market, to create "blue Leisure City, the world livable city" brand will have a positive impact. Weihai will take this as an opportunity, to further strengthen the construction of public service platform, to better play the role of industry associations to guide enterprises to go fishing, not to move or retreat of transformation and upgrading, quality and efficiency of the road, the Weihai built with international influence of fishing production and gathering base.
Bu Zhengfa said, set up the Weihai fishing industry for the development of the fishing industry, especially in the development of new materials, to promote the industry innovation and development has made outstanding contributions. Weihai hopes to make persistent efforts, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, efforts to promote the brand, scale,cluster and high-tech development, expand domestic and foreign markets, to build Weihai into a international influence of fishing tackle and gathering base for China's fishing industry, from made in China to created Chinese development and make greater contributions





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